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From one of Japan's most famous aquaculture areas, we deliver the freshest and most carefully selected live catch to the world.

Our aquaculture areas are located at the Bungo Channel, the west of Ehime prefecture of the Shikoku Island is recognized as one of the most renowned fish farming areas in Japan.

We ship fresh harvests of our "Hachiman Dai" (red sea bream), "Hachiman Buri" (yellowtail), "Hachiman Kanpachi" (great amberjack) and more, daily through an efficient distribution and delivery system. Our fishes are of great quality because they are cultivated under meticulous guidelines in ideal waters that are most unique in the world.

We at Marumi Marinefoods Co. Ltd. are confident that the quality and taste of our fishes will meet and surpass even the most demanding clients' expectations. We are sure of this because of the strict HACCP standards and accurate traceability systems that we adopt.

Marumi Marinefoods Co., Ltd.
Marumi Marinefoods Co., Ltd.
Head Office:
2537-7, Mukainada, Yawatahama-shi, Ehime 796-0001, Japan
TEL. 81-894-23-0300 / FAX. 81-894-23-2131
Tokyo Branch:
13-2 Toyomi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0055, Japan
TEL 81-3-5534-8850 / FAX 81-3-5534-8851
Tatsumi DC:
3-18-14 Tatsumi,Koto-ku, Tokyo-to 135-0053, Japan
TEL 81-3-5534-6318 / FAX 81-3-5534-6319

Our core business involves the sale of fresh “Hachiman Dai" (red sea bream), “Hachiman Buri" (yellowtail), “Hachiman Kanpachi" (great amberjack) and “Hachiman Fuku" (blowfish).