A Commitment to Highest Professional Standards

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a system designed to maintain food safety throughout the whole production process, from material management to storage and distribution of the processed seafood.

HACCP was originally developed as a quality management program to ensure food safety for the Apollo space expedition programs by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the 1960s.

Then, the guidelines were adopted by the CODEX (Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards) internationally in 1993 and have been promoted since across the globe, particularly in the northern hemisphere.

HACCP in the Aquaculture Industry

The production line in aquaculture is basically divided into three processes; breeding, rearing and distribution. HACCP oversees and manages the safety and sustainability of our products by monitoring and keeping records of any handling of medicine, marine conservation, toxin detection (for shellfish products) etc.

The application of HACCP ensures that our products hit the mark in all food hygiene and safety standards. The strict guidelines that we have adopted and the routine of keeping records improves our productivity and efficiency in creating better products.

Adopting HACCP Standards in Marumi

  1. Introduction of fish hatchlings.
  2. Recording of the origin, health records, delivery timeline of the hatchlings.
  3. Monitoring of water temperature, water quality, composition and amount of the feed during cultivation.
  4. Purchasing of feed, materials and live bait.
  5. Isolated cultivation for cultured fish.
  6. The use of antifouling nets.
  7. Management of water or marine pollution.
  8. Periodical health examination for the cultivated fish.

  • Hachiman Dai(red sea bream)
  • Hachiman Buri(yellowtail)
  • Hachiman Kanpachi(great amberjack)
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Our core business involves the sale of fresh “Hachiman Dai" (red sea bream), “Hachiman Buri" (yellowtail), “Hachiman Kanpachi" (great amberjack) and “Hachiman Fuku" (blowfish).