Our Objective
To offer the world safe-to-consume and sustainable fish directly from Japan!

President's message

Yawatahama in the Ehime prefecture on the Shikoku Island located at the west of Japan started off as a flourishing trawling town. The waters around this town is known to produce the most of the best fishes in Shikoku island. Supported by the rich marine environment, Yawatahama is a great source of yellowtails and red sea breams.

However, to preserve the marine environment from overfishing, our community has come to adopt sustainable measures to meet the growing demands for safe-to-consume and sustainable fish. Hence, now Yawatahama is known as a town with pioneer aquaculture technology, cultivating hatchlings to premium fishes for clients across the globe.

With the technology that we have at Marumi and the ideal location and richness of Yawatahama, we are able to provide the world with fresh premium fish from Japan. Our distribution and delivery system is able to deliver our freshest fish directly from our farms to a processing factory adjacent to the Kansai Internationl Airport, so that no time is wasted in getting fresh fish delivered to your doorstep because your satisfaction is important to us.

At Marumi, we believe in loyalty, passion and humility in our work. We dedicate ourselves to the industry with passion to deliver the best products to the world. We also strive to continuously contribute with pride to the world through the creation of better products and services.

Shoji Koyama
Director Shoji Koyama

Who We Are at Marumi

Loyalty - Passion - Humility
Dedicated to offer the world safe-to-consume and sustainable fish directly from Japan!

Company Profile

Trade name Marumi Co., Ltd.
Founded July 25, 2000
Representative Shoji Koyama - Representative director
Locations Headquarters:
2351-2, Mukainada, Yawatahama-shi
Ehime 796-0001, Japan
TEL. 81-894-23-0300 / FAX. 81-894-23-2131

Tokyo Branch:
13-2 Toyomi-cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0055, Japan
TEL 81-3-5534-8850 / FAX 81-3-5534-8851

Kansai Branch:
2-13-3 Koshienguchi,
Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken 663-8113, Japan
TEL/FAX 81-798-66-8268

Paid-in Capital

¥30 million
Annual Sales (Estimated) ¥8 billion
Partner Banks Iyo Bank
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.,
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.

1. Sale of fish
2. Processed seafood
3. Sale of hatchlings
4. Import and export
5. Sale of fish feed


  • Hachiman Dai(red sea bream)
  • Hachiman Buri(yellowtail)
  • Hachiman Kanpachi(great amberjack)
Marumi Marinefoods Co., Ltd.
Marumi Marinefoods Co., Ltd.
Head Office:
2351-2, Mukainada, Yawatahama-shi, Ehime 796-0001, Japan
TEL. 81-894-23-0300 / FAX. 81-894-23-2131

Our core business involves the sale of fresh “Hachiman Dai" (red sea bream), “Hachiman Buri" (yellowtail), “Hachiman Kanpachi" (great amberjack) and “Hachiman Fuku" (blowfish).