Products Hachiman Dai (Sea Red Bream)
Fresh and now available to you all year round!
This vibrantly colored fish is Japan's most prized fish!

Our Premium Hachiman Dai

Unbeatable Freshness

Our fish feed includes power oxidants like catechins and polyphenols that contribute to the supple meat texture, its vibrancy and longer shelf life.


Our fish is cultivated in the Bungo Channel, an ideal environment that emulates their natural deep water habitat with low UV ray exposure resulting in its vibrant colors.

The Taste of Umami

Our use of yeast as an ingredient in our feed enriches the fish's umami taste by increasing its GMP and IMP values.

Quality Management for Safe Consumption and Sustainability

We cultivate our “Hachiman Dai" (red sea bream) with great care from their feed to their environment. Our on-site management under strict HACCP guidelines guarantees fresh seafood to be delivered quickly to your doorstep.

Our fillet products are processed quickly to preserve its freshness and taste.

Trademark registration

The “Hachiman Dai" a brainchild of Marumi Co. Ltd. is a registered trademark under the registration number 4656728.


  • Hachiman Dai(red sea bream)
  • Hachiman Buri(yellowtail)
  • Hachiman Kanpachi(great amberjack)
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Our core business involves the sale of fresh “Hachiman Dai" (red sea bream), “Hachiman Buri" (yellowtail), “Hachiman Kanpachi" (great amberjack) and “Hachiman Fuku" (blowfish).